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Camera Development Kit, CDKはザインエレクトロニクスの16Mピクセル対応 Camera processor:THP7312を用いてお客様のご要望に沿ったカメラシステムをタイムリーに開発するための開発キットです。

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THine Tuning Tool
NEW CDK - - Camera Development Kit, CDK provides customers to develop application specific cameras with dedicated Camera Processor THP7312.
CDK supports camera developer to develop THP7312's firmware without coding in quick and ease with bunch of the camera function libraries and templates.
EValuation Board, EVK of CDK consists of camera precessor THP7312,
reference 13Mp camera module and frame graber.
EVK gives camera developer WYSIWYG THP7312 firmware development environment.
Software Development Kit, SDK is the centor of our CDK
which realize non-programming style camera firmware development.
It consists of application templates,
driver softwares for internal and external resources of THP7312 and camera function components for image quality creation and camera function creation.
THine Tunint Tool, 3T is a PC based application software
which make camera developpers to tune THP7312's firmware by
configuring SDK by GUI based WYSYWYG image configurators.
It supoorts all functions needed by camera development including 3A,
denoiser, optical black and defect compensation, resizing, image size and frame rate setup, clock and interfaces bitrate configuration and more.
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