The THCV218 is designed to support video data conversion from V-by-One®HS input signals into LVCMOS signals. This chip can transmit 32bit video data and 3bits control signals at a pixel clock frequency 20MHz to 85MHz. It has two high-speed data lane and, effective maximum serial data rate is 2.72Gbps/lane up to 1080p/60Hz/30bits colors.

  • V-by-One®HS to LVCMOS Conversion
  • V-by-One®HS 2lanes input
     3.4Gbps(effective 2.72Gbps)/lane
  • LVCMOS 2ports output
  • Power Supply:1.8/3.3V
  • Package:TFBGA145
  • Operating Temperature:-20 to 85℃
  • Recommended Tx:
V-by-One®HSInput LVCMOS Output LVCMOS Output Clock Frequency
 1Lane  32bit  20MHz to 85MHs
 2Lane  32bit  40MHz to 170MHs
 2Lane  32bit x2  20MHz to 85MHs

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