System Modules

System module products such as FMC compatible daughter card, USB paddle card, surround view monitor

V-by-One® HS (SerDes)

V-by-One® HS De-Facto Standard for Next Generation High Resolution Interface.

V-by-One® (SerDes)

V-by-One® Serializer and De-Serializer for Long-Distance Transmission.


8B10B full duplex communication transceiver supporting up to 4.6 Gbps.
Multi I/O configuration handles various type of data and control signals. Adaptive equalizer provides much flexibility on selecting transmission media.

Repeater (Redriver/Retimer)

Repeater IC to improve signal quality and enable flexible signal wiring

LVDS (SerDes)

LVDS Serializer and De-serializer with 7x speed

LED Driver

16ch, 24ch LED drivers with LVDS interface

Motor Driver

LVDS Interface Motor Driver

ISP (Image Signal Processor)

THine's ISP, pipelined image processing engine, is possible to high speed processing.

TCON (Timing Controller)

THF Series for General Purpose TCON

Video ADC

High-perpormance Video ADC

PMIC (Power IC)

Power Management IC with Ultra Quick Response

Power Module

THV8XXXX series is the small package power module which realized the industry's best-level performance of ultra-high-speed transient response.



USB Camera

4K TV・LCD Panel

TV, Display, Monitor


UHD Resolution Projectors




Automotive Applications



MFP(Multifunction printer)

Multifunction Printers

Mobile, such as Smartphone, Tablet

Mobile, Tablet Devices