Since our foundation in 1991, THine Electronics, Inc. has kept its key corporate concept, “Fusion of Talented People and Managerial Resources.” Under that concept, THine has expanded its business as a leading technology group of LSI and AI/IoT. THine Group continues to contribute to the social and economic evolutional digitization under its corporate mission, “Interface to the Future – Solution by Smart Connectivity.”

THine Group has started its 3-year mid-term strategy “5G&Beyond” since 2020 in order to contribute to world’s evolutional digitalization with new use cases. Especially, the COVID-19 has urged world’s evolutional digitization to transfer into the new normal. Though THine Group’s valuable solution, we can contribute to emerging use cases, required through suppressing the pandemic and preventing from infection, such as remote work, communication without real face-to-face, contactless activities, unmanned process solutions, etc.

When Japan faced the COVID-19 in early 2020, THine Group has introduced Japan’s first AI-based fever detection system with face recognition to help prevention from spreading COVID-19 infection, resulting in helping more than 400 facilities, including hospitals, schools, buildings, stadiums, construction sites, etc., resulted in helping their health and security.

In addition, THine Group also continues to contribute in customers’ various applications: mobility with driving assistance system, industrial internet-of-things (IoT), medical and healthcare, face recognition, detection of human activities and so on through its interface technology and AI/IoT solutions.
Moreover, THine Group seeks alliances with strategic partners to achieve win-win collaboration and M&A opportunities.

THine Group firmly commits to creating more technologies, accelerating further innovation and more valuable solutions, and achieving even greater enhancement of our global customer support. THine will continue to provide our innovative values and deliver advantages to our honorable customers and shareholders.


Yoichiro Minami, 
President and COO

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