CEO's Message

Since our foundation in 1991, THine Electronics, Inc. has kept its key corporate concept, “Fusion of Talented People and Managerial Resources.” Under that concept, THine has expanded business as a semiconductor company focusing on R&D without production facilities. In 2017, THine has set us new 3-year mid-term strategy, “J-SOAR” targeting the year 2019, which intends to elevate THine’s business by our solution with value added by our original innovation from Japan.

THine aims to contribute to society by our differentiated solutions and added-values created by our superiority in high-speed information transmission technologies. For that purpose, THine will offer our original solutions to issues of our customers in the markets around the world. THine has welcomed Cathay Tri-Tech., Inc. to our team in 2018, who has been contributing in forming Japan’s IoT market as a pioneer in the IoT (M2M) area. THine, together with Cathay Tri-Tech., will provide original value to customers and society ranging from LSIs/sensors to system solutions including AI/IoT.

In particular, THine will produce LSI new products, AI/IoT devices and services, and AIoT systems as solutions to customers’ issues based on our interface technologies. In addition, THine will offer latest mobile communications modules produced by SIMCOM Wireless Solution, Ltd. including NB-IoT and 5G for providing cost-effective IoT devices and Edge AIoT devices and technologies to create customers’ values.

Moreover, THine will continue to seek alliances with strategic partners to achieve win-win collaboration and M&A opportunities.

In summary, THine is firmly committed to creating more technologies, spurring further innovation and more valuable solutions, and achieving even greater enhancement of our global customer support. THine will continue to provide our innovative values and deliver advantages to our honorable customers and shareholders.


Yasuhiro Takada, President and CEO