The THCV215 is designed to support video data conversion from LVDS input signals into V-by-One®HS signals. This chip can transmit 39bits video data and 3bit control signal via only a single differential cable at an LVDS clock frequency form 20MHz to 100MHz. It has two high-speed data lane and, maximum serial data rate is 3.75Gbps/lane up to 1080p/60Hz/36bits colors.

  • LVDS to V-by-One®HS Conversion
  • 6ch LVDS 2port(Dual Pixel Link)input
  • V-by-One®HS 2lanes output
     3.75Gbps(effective rate 3.0Gbps)/lane
  • Power Supply :1.8/3.3V
  • Package:TSSOP64
  • Recommended Rx:
LVDS Data Input V-by-One®HS Output LVDS  Input Clock Frequency
 4ch (24bit) 1Lane 20MHz to 100MHz
 4ch (24bit) x2 2Lane 20MHz to 100MHz
 5ch (30bit) 1Lane 20MHz to 85MHz
 5ch (30bit) x2 2Lane 20MHz to 85MHz
 6ch (36bit) 1Lane 20MHz to 75MHz
 6ch (36bit) x2 2Lane 20MHz to 75MHz

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