The COVID-19 has drastically changed world’s way of communication and activities and such “next normal” requires tremendous evolutional digitization with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), 5G, and related LSI technologies. Appling such technology to build new and better use cases, THine Group has clear intention to bring its original and valuable solutions to our global customers. 

Especially, in order to prevent people’s infections from the COVID-19, such demands in the next normal environment such as remote work, communication without real face-to-face, contactless activities, unmanned process solutions, etc., THine Group’s solution can contribute to the social and economic evolutional digitization under its corporate mission, “Interface to the Future – Solution by Smart Connectivity.”

THine has provided its de facto standard technology in displays with 8K and 4K resolution. In addition, THine Group bring its original value to various area such as mobility, industrial IoT, the medical and healthcare, face recognition, detection of human activities and so on.
Since innovation is the key for THine Group to deliver agile solution, collaborations and alliances with partners are vitally important, THine continues to seek alliances with strategic partners to achieve win-win collaboration and M&A opportunities.

THine Group has kept its key corporate concept, “Fusion of Talented People and Managerial Resources.” Based on such concept, THine Group will achieve the team’s contribution to society, making talented people’s team affect industries’ growth with customers and partners in the global markets.


Yoichiro Minami
President and COO