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13MP USB Camera Module

In collaboration with several global companies, THine Electronics offers customers all over the world a reference design that provides the solution for importing beautiful, high-resolution images to applications via the latest USB controller.
It has become possible to control a 13MP image sensor, which was conventionally thought to be almost impossible, thanks to a high-speed, high-resolution ISP, which has been completed in accordance with our rich, proven track record in developing ISP for high-quality cameras used in devices such as smartphones. The reference design is the outcome of a totally new combination: the technology and experience of THine Electronics and the leading-edge technology in USB control.
The reference design kit features an ultra-small design and it is available for purchase online. Its schematics, which enable?customers to put the reference design into mass production immediately, is available upon request online. Thus, the latest technology in the industry can be commercialized during the shortest period of time.
This design is supposed to be used as is, without changing the camera module, the ISP including the firmware and the USB controller at all.
THine does not recommend and is not responsible for any of change.

[Main features]

The smallest size in the industry. Demonstration kit purchasable online. Time To Market Schematics available upon request

For information on how to use the reference design, please look at the column, “How to use a high-resolution camera module with USB output,” by clicking here:

[Basic specifications]

  • Many Output Sizes
    13M 21fps
    4K2K 30fps
    Full-HD(1080p) 60fps
    and more
  • Maximum frame rate: 120fps
  • YUV422, JPEG Output Selectable
  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto Focus
  • Auto White Balance
  • UVC Video Processing Amplifier Properties (Brightness, Hue, and more)
  • LED Control
  • Either USB3.0 and 2.0 mode supported
  • Many other UVC Standard Device Requests supported