THine takes history as a prologue, future the arena.

Jan,2020 Started Business Strategy「5G&Beyond」
Dec,2018 Acquired Cathay Tri-Tech., Inc. as Consolidated Subsidiary
Feb,2017 Started Business Strategy “J-SOAR”
Jan,2014 Started Business Strategy “REGROW”
Oct,2013 Established Shanghai branch of THine Electronics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
May,2013 THine Electronics Shenzhen Co., Ltd. was established.
Nov,2012 THine Electronics Hong Kong Co., Ltd. was established.
May,2012 Headquarters moved to Kanda-mitoshiro-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Jan,2012 Started Business Strategy “TACK2Win.”
Feb,2011 Invested in Dazzo Technology Corp. to cultivate alliance opportunities
Apr,2010 THine Electronics Korea, Inc. was established as Korea subsidiary to control manufacturing and reinforce overseas marketing functions including the Korea markets.
Jan,2010 Started mass-production and shipment of world fastest throughput ISP products
Headquarters moved to Marunouchi Tokyo (Marunouchi Trust Tower)
Jan,2009 THine Electronics, Inc. acquired ISP business starting as THine Imaging Technology, Inc.(post merger integration completed in 2009)
Jul,2008 Established Kanda Office.
Feb,2007 Anounced Act3-3-3, new business policy to increase profit through new products by three times in three years as the third stage of startup.
Feb,2006 Structured “Enova”, venture capital fund focused on electronics industry.
Mar,2005 Started mass-production and shipment of LSI products for automotive applications.
Nov,2004 Started mass-production and shipment of power management LSI products.
Jun,2004 Won the Enterpreneur Prize by Enterpreneur Network.
Apr,2004 Started mass-production of radio frequency RF products.
Aug,2003 Established Kyoto Design Center, accompanying with restructuring based from Giga Technologies, Inc.
May,2003 Headquarters moved to Nihombashi-Honcho Tokyo.
Feb,2003 Conducted stock split (1:3)
Jan,2003 Established Kyusyu Design Center.
Dec,2002 Won the Toyo-Keizai Prize of Entrepreneur of the Year.
May,2002 Acquired 67% shares of Giga Technologies, Inc. in Kyoto as a consolidated subsidiary.
Feb,2002 Conducted stock split (1:3)
Jan,2002 Won the award of Nikkei BP Venture of the Year 2001.
Oct,2001 Tetsuya Iizuka, Founder and CEO, won the first prize of EOY (Entrepreneur of the Year) JAPAN 2001.
Aug,2001 Stock listed in the JASDAQ market.
Jun,2001 ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) product won the award for excellence in the LSI Design of the Year 2001.
Apr,2001 Established own facilities for high-speed testing.
Feb,2001 Invested in Silicon Technology Co., Ltd.
Dec,2000 Conducted stock split (1:3)
Nov,2000 Invested in IPTC, Ltd. jointly by 12 companies and major semiconductor manufacturers.
Oct,2000 THine Electronics Taiwan, Inc. was established as Taiwan subsidiary to control manufacturing and reinforce overseas marketing functions including the Taiwan markets.
Jan,2000 THine Electronics, Inc. merged THine Microsystems, Inc.
Dec,1999 Conducted third following third-party allotment of THine Electronics, Inc. Capital \796.2 million.
Sep,1998 THine Electronics, Inc. acquiried all outstanding stocks of THine Microsystems, Inc.
May,1998 Started mass-production of digital signal processing chips for flat panel displays. Complete business model as a fabless semiconductor maker.
Apr,1998 Conducted capital increase to existing shareholders of THine Electronics, Inc. Capital \57.0 million.
Mar,1998 Tetsuya Iizuka, CEO of THine Electronics, Inc. acquired all the shares of THine Electronics, Inc. from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and THine Microsystems, Inc., thereby dissolving the joint venture.
Feb,1997 THine Electronics, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. agreed the MBO (Management Buy-Out) deal.
THine Electronics, Inc. started to ship samples of own-branded ICs.
Jun,1995 Topshine Electronics Corp. was established in Taiwan as joint venture of THine Microsystems, Inc., Multilite International Co., Ltd. for the management of production subcontractors in Taiwan.
Jan,1993 Moved to Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi Odenma town the headquarters of THine MicroSystems, Inc.
Jun,1992 THine Electronics, Inc. was established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, as the joint venture of THine Microsystems, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd (Korea).
May,1991 THine Microsystems, Inc. was founded in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, provided circuit design service for semiconductor manufacturers.