Board of Directors

Dr. Tetsuya Iizuka, Founder and Chairman of the Board

Tetsuya Iizuka has more than 40-year experiences in semiconductor industry with worldwide talented networks. He made THine’s start-up in 1991 in order to create a public entity, where talented team members find enormous opportunities to achieve their goals, and in 2001 THine Electronics went IPO at Japanese JASDAQ market. He has led every strategic project to develop a new product and established a de facto standard of the high-speed serial interface, V-by-One® HS that is currently penetrated all over the world in higher-definition televisions. Furthermore, Dr. Iizuka, accompanied with several semiconductor entrepreneurs, established Japan Semiconductor Venture Association or JASVA in 2000 and had taken his role as the founding chairman for 10 years. In 2012 IEEE awarded Dr. Iizuka the Ernst Wever Engineering Leadership Recognition “For pioneering de facto standard video chips for moving images and nurturing entrepreneurship in Japan.” Before founding THine, Dr. Iizuka had experiences as an electronics researcher as the head of LSI Development Dept. of Toshiba Semiconductor Technology Laboratory as well as resident engineer at HP IC Laboratory in Silicon Valley. He earned his Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo.

Yasuhiro Takada, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Takada has more than 15-year experiences as a director and CEO/COO/CFO of THine Electronics, and also has above 25-year experiences in investing R&D projects and M&A deals, that include his contribution in THine’s win-win collaboration with partner companies and acquisition deals by THine.
Mr. Takada’s leadership cultivates THine’s soaring growth by collaboration with customers through delivering value added by THine’s LSI and its designed system solutions. He currently takes his leadership role as CEO of THine Corporate Group, letting THine’s potential opportunities for THine’s talented soar along to THine’s business growth. Before joining THine, Mr. Takada started his career at Japan’s Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry with his contribution to stimulate Japan’s private equity and venture capital markets. He earned the MBA from Washington University and B.E. from the University of Tokyo.

Kazuhisa Sasaki

The semiconductor industry is an essential industry in today’s society, and is still growing world-wide. THine is providing its original solutions from Japan to the world based on its high-level mixed signal technologies such as high-speed transmission. Mr. Sasaki has extensive experience in research and development of applied technologies and sales marketing for over 25 years. Mr. Sasaki is now engaged in sales, planning and development of mixed signal products that meet needs of customers and markets.

Takeo Yamamoto, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Yamamoto is expertise in corporate accounting and has 15-year experience in managing the administration function of THine. Mr. Yamamoto takes leadership in further cultivating THine’s creative and challenging culture supported by its human resources and in increasing PPP (performance per person) to improve shareholder values.

Takashi Nakahara, Chief Architect Officer

Mr. Nakahara leads THine’s AI/IoT business and business of Cathay Tri-Tech., Inc. based on his expertise in mobile communications and his experience as the founder and representative director of Cathay Tri-Tech. He will provide added-value to customers and society by combination of THine’s semiconductor and image processing technologies with Cathay Tri-Tech.’s mobile communication/IoT technologies and cloud server solutions.

Nogami Kazutaka, Chief Technology Officer

Audit and Supervisory Committee Member and Member of Board of Directors

Yutaka Funada, Member of Audit and Supervisory Committee
Shuji Yamaguchi, Member of Audit and Supervisory Committee
Akio Matsuoka, Member of Audit and Supervisory Committee

Exective Officer

Yoshimichi Murakami, Executive Officer
Yoichiro Minami, Executive Officer