Support Quality Policy , Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

As a fabless semiconductor company, THine Electronics aims to realize a more prosperous life for consumers through our commitment to providing system makers, our customers, with the best solutions.

To realize this, we provide products and services with high-performance and high-reliability by fulfilling these criteria:
-    Accurately understand and comply with the quality, cost, delivery time and specifications requested
     by our customers 
-    Ensure the environment and resources that enable the development of the most-advanced
-    Establish deep partnership with our subcontractors

Environmental Policy

1. Philosophy
THine Electronics recognizes that environmental protection is vitally important issue. We contribute to the preservation efforts of the global and regional environment through our business activities.

2. Principles

  • Establish an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Recognize the environmental aspect in all corporate activities and continually improve EMS, prevent pollution
  • Comply with all applicable laws in each country/region and other requirements THine Electronics agrees upon with stakeholders
  • Establish the following environmental objectives and targets:
      - Reduce industrial waste
      - Control hazardous substances and promote harmless substances
  • Raise the environmental awareness of employees

ISO Certification

THine Electronics, Inc. is compliant with the requirement of ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

Copy of Certification of Registration.