Privacy Policy

■THine Electronics Privacy Policy

Welcome to visit the website of THine Electronics, Inc. (“THine”). THine fully understands the importance of properly handling and protecting information by which an individual can be identified (“Personal Information”). However, in some instance, THine may request customers' Personal Information for the purpose of providing THine's products and services with better communication to customers, developing better new products and services, and so on. ("Purpose"). In such case, customers can provide THine with Personal Information voluntarily. Personal Information is not collected on this web site or other means unless customers choose to provide it to us.

Based on the Japanese " Personal Information Protection Law," THine will use customers' Personal Information for achieving such Purpose, excluding such cases where there is justifiable reason such as a legal obligation. THine aims to protect customers' Personal Information. 

Under certain circumstances, customers' Personal Information may be given to THine’s business partners and service providers when we believe customers' business interests will be served, in which case THine will ask such business partners and service providers to strictly maintain Personal Information given and not to use Personal Information for other purposes than Purpose. THine will also release Personal Information if compelled by law to do so. Otherwise, THine will not provide customers' Personal information to third party outside the THine's group without customers' consent. 

Cookies are small text files that our websites ask to place on your computer’s hard drive. THine uses cookies to make the website easier to use, display customized content based on preferences, and recognize previous visits and remember preferences. Cookies allow THine to identify customer's computer, but THine typically cannot identify such customer unless he/she enters Personal Information.

Customers who provide Personal Information voluntarily on the web site thorough other means have the right to ask us to clarify, correct, or delete your Personal Information. THine has a designated contact address available to customers who have inquiries about their Personal Information.

THine does not have any obligation nor liability of customers’ Personal Information on any others' web sites, including those that have linkage to THine's web site.