Core function to generate excellent products

THine Electronics is an R&D-oriented firm; our core function is research and development centered around circuit design breeding specialized products with competitive excellence. We therefore attach great importance to recruiting the top talent. Our recruiting activities can draw on the global human networks of our executives in the business and academic worlds, and bring us both engineers who have proven experience in LSI development and newly graduated engineers with sophisticated expertise. This is why approximately more than half of our engineers are first-rate specialists with PhDs or masters degree in engineering fields.

Adoption of mature processes

To give us a good deal of freedom in selecting foundry firms, our product design is premised on well-established semiconductor processes. We can boast of low power consumption, wide operating margins, and all of which justify our price premium. Companies could not generate products with high levels of performance and quality through mature processes unless they have a team of first-rate personnel. Moreover, this team cannot consist entirely of logic LSI design engineers in the area of image signal processing; in order to challenge design limits, it must encompass engineers who are versed in handling high-speed analog circuits, have a wealth of experience in CMOS processes, and know how to analyze the physical properties of semiconductors, including the energy band structure.This ability to organize project teams with a diverse mix of personnel is another one of our key strengths.

Faster and smoother design and development

To keep abreast of the fast-paced dog-year product cycle in the sphere of information equipment, our development speed is rapid enough to turn out leading-edge products. This speed is backed not only by our R&D talent but also utilization of the latest tools. Furthermore, we are making vigorous use of IP cores, both internal and external, to shorten the time required for development. To this end, we form strategic alliances for mutual IP sharing and participate in the IP core market. In addition to the EDA tools, we introduced high-speed mixed signal testers for enhancement of our development process, establishing technology for high-speed signal testing.

Alliance and development

We have formed strategic alliances for development with the major integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) also producing the applied products as well as venture firms in possession of unique technology, such as Trident Microsystems, Inc. and Silicon Motion, Inc. These alliances are reinforced by selective supply of our IP core to the partners.

Adoption of technology as global standards

To establish our advanced product technology and IP core architecture as global standards, THine is a member of various standards groups, and is also taking an active part in industry conferences and IEEE related conferences.

Strategy of patents

To protect the advantage derived from our original technology, we have filed numerous patent applications in a variety of areas in circuit design, semiconductor processes, and signal processing. Specific examples are driver circuits for image data display, synchronization circuits, digital/analog conversion circuits, dynamic memory structures based on CMOS processes, image data encoding, and clock signal generation.