The THCV216 is designed to support video data conversion from V-by-One®HS input signals into LVDS signals. This chip can transmit 39bits video data and 3bit control signal via only a single differential cable at an LVDS clock frequency form 20MHz to 100MHz. It has two high-speed data lane and, effective maximum serial data rate is 3.0Gbps/lane up to 1080p/60Hz/36bits colors.

  • V-by-One®HS to LVDS Conversion
  • V-by-One®HS 2lanes input
     3.75Gbps(effective rate 3.0Gbps)/lane
  • 6ch LVDS 2port(Dual Pixel Link)output
  • Power Supply:1.8/3.3V
  • Package:TSSOP64
  • Recommended Tx:
V-by-One®HSInput LVDS Data Output LVDS Output Clock Frequency
1Lane 4ch(24bit) 20MHz to 100MHz
2Lane 4ch(24bit)×2 20MHz to 100MHz
1Lane 5ch(30bit) 20MHz to 85MHz
2Lane 5ch(30bit) ×2 20MHz to 85MHz
1Lane 6ch(36bit) 20MHz to 75MHz
2Lane 6ch(36bit) ×2 20MHz to 75MHz

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