The THCV241A-P - THCV242A-P SerDes Chipset provides long distance and high speed image data link solution for MIPI® CSI-2, camera serial interface. It has high speed image data channel and low speed bidirectional control channel over the link. The high speed image data link is designed to support image signals up to 4K UHD (8-megapixel) 60fps RAW10. The bidirectional control link supports to communicate with I2C/GPIO.

  • 4K UHD (8-megapixel) 60fps RAW10
  • V-by-One® HS to MIPI® CSI-2 convertion
  • V-by-One®HS input
    Supports up to 4.0Gbps(effective rate 3.2Gbps)
    Supports 1 or 2 lanes
  • MIPI® CSI-2 output
    Supports up to 1.5Gbps/lane
    Supports 1,2 or 4 lane
  • Power Supply voltage: 1.7V-3.6V、1.15V-1.3V
  • Bi-directional system control link with I2C/GPIO
  • Package:QFN64(9mm x 9mm)
  • Operating temp.:-40 to 105℃
  • Recommended Tx :
  • Applications :
     Security camera
     Industrial camera
     Dash cam
-“MIPI®” is a registered trademark of MIPI Alliance, Inc.