THC63LVD1027D Block Diagram


The THC63LVD1027D, a Dual Pixel Link LVDS repeater IC, is designed to support pixel data transmission between Host and Flat Panel Display up to 1080p/WUXGA resolution. It supports to reform LVDS wave forms into ones with wide-open and low-noise Eye diagram, Multiplex and De-Multiplex LVDS signals to reduce the number of transmission lines, Duplicate signal from 1 port and Distribute them from 2 ports at the same time.

  • 5ch LVDS 2ports (Dual Pixel Link) input
     170Mpixel/sec. (Clock Freq. 20 to 85MHz)
     Wide LVDS input skew margin ±480ps at 75MHz
     Failsafe supported
  • 5ch LVDS 2ports (Dual Pixel Link) output
     170Mpixel/sec. (Clock Freq. 20 to 85MHz)
     LVDS swing mode to reduce EMI
  • MUX/De-MUX Function available
    (Single to Dual / Dual to Single)
    For example, 1080p 60Hz, 150Mpps
  • Data Distribution (Duplicate) available
  • Power Supply:3.3V
  • Package : TSSOP64 with Exposed Pad
  • -40 to 105°C
    (Single in / Dual out, Distribution)*
    -40 to 85°C
    (Dual in / Dual out, Dual in / Single out)
    * For the details, please see the datasheet.

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