THine Value Demo-Slip Ring

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We are now able to apply our proprietarily developed image transmission gigabit serial interface technology V-by-One® HS to the surveillance camera market, and achieve robust and low-cost slip ring transmission of HDTV and higher resolution image data within the surveillance camera.

One feature of V-by-One® HS technology is that it has excellent high-speed signal transmission quality, and allows for a reduction in cables and enables longer transmission of data. Even in environments where there is signal deterioration of the slip ring, which is the rotating connector component, stable transmission of high-speed, high-resolution data is made possible. Also, compared with LVDS transmission, V-by-One® HS transmission requires only one-fourth the number of slip ring cores, which marks a major reduction. 
*Slip ring core reduction in 1080p60 signal: 8pair(LVDS)→2pair(V-by-One ®HS)