SupportProducts FAQIs there any product that can replace THC63LVDM83R? If any, what should I be aware of when selecting replacements?

We recommend THC63LVDM83D as a pin-compatible product.

However, as the guaranteed operating temperature range of THC63LVDM83D is 0-70℃, you might want to select THC63LVDM83C(5S) instead if the replacement should be operated between -10-70℃.
Then, you should be aware of the following:

PLL tracking abilities compared among products:

That means, even with its wide operating temperature range, THC63LVDM83C(5S) is inferior to the other two in PLL tracking ability. This disadvantage may result in malfunction, depending on the quality of input signals.
For example, when SSC(Spread Spectrum Clocks) are used for input signals, etc., it may be necessary to set the modulation frequencies and strength on THC63LVDM83C(5S) lower than those on the other two products.

Evaluate the selected substitute sufficiently before you use it.