SupportProducts FAQWhat is the origin of the product name V-by-One® (V-by-One®HS)?

OthersV-by-One HS・V-by-One
One suggestion is that the name means “to replace five (V in Roman numerals) pairs of differential signals to a single pair.” Actually, it was derived from “Video by One pair.” 
The product was originally developed to reduce video signal wiring, the bandwidth of which was becoming higher and higher. However, these days, it is being utilized widely even for purposes other than video signals.
For the customers who use the product for purposes other than video signals, its name is assumed to be read “V-by-one” to ensure accurate expression.

“HS” of V-by-One®HS stands for “High Speed.” As V-by-One®HS operates faster than the first version of V-by-One® and is not compatible with it, adding “HS” as a suffix is necessary to distinguish between the two products.