LVDS (SerDes)

THine Electronics, Inc. has firstly launched LVDS products among Japanese semiconductor makers and still hold a high share in the market. 
We offer the highest quality in terms of jitter performance, skew margin, and power consumption. As the result, a lot of customers in various applications such as tablet PCs, televisions, multifunction printers, and automotive entertainment products approve THine's LVDS.

Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) is a data transmission interface standard to achieve over 100Mbits/sec. Low swing amplitude Voltage around 100mV enables high-speed switching operation, but generally becomes easy to receive noise from outside. LVDS enables to suppress noise by differential signaling with different polarity.
THine has a lot of product lineups which adopt an LVDS technology.
What are the advantages of THine LVDS Products?
■1.8V low power consumption and small-sized
        THC63LVDM87 / THC63LVD827
■Interconversion between Single and Dual Pixel Link
        THC63LVD823BTHC63LVD1023B / THC63LVD1022
        THC63LVD1024 / THC63LVD1027
■Maximum 30bit colors supported
        THC63LVD103D / THC63LVD104C / THC63LVD1022
        THC63LVD1023B / THC63LVD1024THC63LVD1027
■LVDS swing mode to reduce EMI emissions.
      All of LVDS Transmitter are supported.
■Selectable Various cable such as a STP,TP,FFC,FPC.  

THine's LVDS is still holding a high share in the market and used by a lot of customers in various applications such as tablet, LCD TVs, multi-function printers, automotive entertainment products approve.

  • The product introduced on this page is RoHS (2011/65/EU) compliant.

    Please contact THine's authorized distributors regarding documents for environmental regulations (MSDS, ICP report, Conflict Minerals, etc) and product spec documents (detailed information on package, packing, etc). Click here to find distributors.

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Type Product Name Bit/
Input Signal Output Signal Clock Freq. Supply Voltage Package Operation Temp.
Tx THC63LVDM83E 28 LVCMOS LVDS 160MHz 3.3V VFBGA49 0 to 70℃
Tx THC63LVDM87 28 LVCMOS LVDS 160MHz 1.8V VFBGA49 -40 to 85℃
Tx THC63LVD827 27 LVCMOS LVDS 2ports 174MHz 1.8V VFBGA72 -40 to 85℃
Tx THC63LVD827-Z 27 LVCMOS LVDS 2ports 174MHz 1.8V VFBGA72 -40 to 105℃
Tx THC63LVDM83D 28 LVCMOS LVDS 160MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 0 to 70℃
THC63LVDM83D-Z 28 LVCMOS LVDS 160MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 -40~105℃
Tx THC63LVDM83C(5S) 28 LVCMOS LVDS 85MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 -40 to 85℃
Tx THC63LVD103D 35 LVCMOS LVDS 160MHz 3.3V TQFP64 0 to 70℃
Tx THC63LVD823B 51bit/
LVDS 2ports 160MHz
3.3V TQFP100 -20 to 70℃
Tx THC63LVD1023B 67bit/
LVDS 2ports 160MHz
3.3V LQFP144 -20 to 70℃
Rx THC63LVDF84B 28 LVDS LVCMOS 85MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 -10 to 70℃
Rx THC63LVDF84C 28 LVDS LVCMOS 112MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 -40~85℃
Rx THC63LVDF84B(5S) 28 LVDS LVCMOS 65MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 -40 to 85℃
Rx THC63LVDR84B 28 LVDS LVCMOS 85MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 -10 to 70℃
Rx THC63LVDR84C 28 LVDS LVCMOS 112MHz 3.3V TSSOP56 -40~85℃
Rx THC63LVD104C 35 LVDS LVCMOS 112MHz 3.3V TQFP64 -20 to 85℃
Rx THC63LVD1022 33 LVDS 2ports LVCMOS 150MHz 3.3V TQFP100 0 to 85℃
Rx THC63LVD1024 67bit/
3.3V LQFP144 -40 to 85℃
Repeater THC63LVD1027 70bit/
LVDS 2ports LVDS 2ports 85MHz
3.3V eTSSOP64 -40 to 85℃
THC63LVD1027D(TBD) 56bit/
LVDS 2port LVDS 2port 75MHz
3.3V eTSSOP64 -40~105℃
TV, Display, Monitor
Automotive Applications
Amusement Equipment
Multifunction Printers
Mobile, Tablet Devices

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