THL3504_Block Diagram


The THL3504 is a LED driver with 24 channel constant current outputs. The embedded oscillator and PWM controller individually generates 256-step brightness set by the dedicated registers for each channel. The serial interface of 2-pair LVDS lines (clock and data) features high-level noise tolerance, high-speed, and long-distance transmission. The LVDS allowing cascaded and multidrop connection offers the maximum flexibility for designers to place and connect LED drivers. The simple and one-way communication protocol is easily-controlled and requires less CPU resources.

  • 24 channels Constant Current Output
  • Output Sink Current Max.40mA/ch
  • Output voltage Max.40V
  • 256 steps Individual Brightness Control
  • 64 steps Group Brightness Control
  • 2-pair Serial LVDS Max.10Mbps
  • Converting 3-wire Serial CMOS Level to 2-pair Serial LVDS
  • 2-pair Serial LVDS Repeater
  • Device Address Selection up to 62 addresses

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