The THCV334-Q is designed to support video data conversion formV-by-One® HS / V-by-One® HSⅡinput signals to LVDS signals.
It has V-by-One® HSⅡcan recieve 720p60fps24bit/1080p60fps24bit uncompressed video data from a pair/two pair of twisted pair cables or a single coaxial cable.
THCV334-Q is capable of bidirectional control including I2S / I2C / GPIO signals through V-by-One® HSⅡsignals, and touch panel control can be realized.

  • V-by-One® HsⅡto LVDSconversion
  • V-by-One® HSⅡinput
    Supports up to 4Gbps/lane
    Supports 1 or 2 lane
  • Open-LDI(LVDS) output
    RGB 18bit or RGB 24bit
  • Embedded signal transmission quality(Eye monitor)
  • Power supply voltage
    IO: 1.8V-3.3V typ.
    Analog: 1.2V typ.
    LVDS: 3.3V typ.
  • Support I2S / I2C / GPIO
  • Back Ch. GPIO supports up to 120kbps
  • Back Ch. 2-wire serial supports up to 1Mbps
  • Package:QFN64(9mm x 9mm)with Exposed Pad
  • Operating temp.:-40 to 105℃
V-by-One® HSII Input LVDS Data Output LVDS  Input Clock Frequency
 1Lane  Single (1port)  10MHz to 109MHz
 1Lane  Dual (2port)  50MHz to 109MHz
 2Lane  Single (1port)  50MHz to 170MHz
 2Lane  Dual (2port)  50MHz to 218MHz

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