News THine announces automotive four-camera image receiving solution with low power by V-by-One® HS new product

2021.07.26 Release

TOKYO (July 26, 2021) – THine Electronics, Inc. (“THine”), the global leading semiconductor company focusing on high-speed serial interfaces and image signal processing as well as providing AI and IoT solutions, today announces that from this July it starts delivering customer samples of its new high-speed interface product, THCV244A-QP, capable to receive up to four automotive camera image data of 1080p full HD video at 60 fps by V-by-One® HS technology. THine’s chip set of V-by-One® HS transmitter such as THCV241A and its new receiver THCV244A-QP only requires the industry lowest level power consumption in automotive camera image transmission. THCV244A-QP also has enhanced noise tolerance feature.

Nowadays, while MIPI® CSI-2 interface is commonly adopted for automotive image sensors that output large volume of image data with high definition and high frame rate, image transmitting distance is limited  to short distance, such as a few tens of centimeters. THine’s chip set of THCV241A and THCV244A-QP can extend the data transmitting length for 15 meters and more since image data with MIPI® CSI-2 interface can be converted to V-by-One® HS interface by THCV241A at the transmitting boards and converted again to MIPI® CSI-2 interface by THCV244A-QP at the receiving boards.
THCV244A-QP is applicable to automotive surround view system with four cameras, and various multiple camera applications such as ADAS cameras, e-mirrors, and driver monitoring systems, and drive recorders.
Also THCV244A-QP can transmit aggregated data of multiple camera data that enables to save image signal processing SoC’s limited ports usage effectively. Moreover, THine’s V-by-One® HS transmitter such as THCV241A and THCV244A-QP include bridge function of GPIO wire serial interface for controlling image sensors, it is possible to control operation of the image sensor transmitting control signals from image signal processing SoC.

In addition to automotive application, THine’s chip set solution with THCV244A-QP is applicable to industrial 4K dual cameras such as surveillance cameras, camera applications with artificial intelligence, drone cameras, 360 degree cameras, unmanned payment terminal cameras, etc.

THine continuously contributes to customers through its value for customers, providing new products and solutions, especially for supporting the new normal of remote communication, unmanned use cases, mobility systems, etc.



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