SupportProducts FAQWhy is it not recommended to receive multiple transmitter outputs with a single receiver?

UsageV-by-One HS・V-by-One・LVDS
Because the maximum amount of the skew between the signals at the receiving end (Inter-pair skew) can exceed the acceptable amount of skew (Skew margin: tRIP).
To accept multiple transmitter outputs at the receiving end, the receiver must accommodate the following amount of skew:
The maximum amount of skew specified with the output of transmitter device (tTIP) + variation of I/O delay times (tTCD) between the devices.
As this total amount of skew exceeds the acceptable amount of input skew for a receiver product, the receiver may fail to receive data successfully. It is for this reason that we do not recommend receiving in the way suggested by your question.
If multiple outputs in parallel are to be transmitted, the inter-pair signal skew at the receiving end should first be checked to ensure the sufficiency of inter-signal skew of the receiver to be used. 

Ex.) When two or more THCV215s are used in parallel
  *pixel clock frequency: 75MHz, 10bit mode
  *The amount of inter-clock skew to be input to each device is assumed to be “0”.
  *The difference in the amount of delay amount found in the PCB or cables, etc., is not considered.

In this case, the amount of the inter-skew output from multiple THCV215s can be found from the difference between the maximum/minimum delay amount of the device.

  Min. delay amount: tTCD (min) - tTOSK = 77.526ns - 0.667ns = 76.859ns
  Max. delay amount: tTCD (max) + tTOSK = 87.526ns + 0.667ns = 88.193ns
  Max. output skew amount : Max. delay amount – Min. delay amount = 11.298ns

The maximum amount of the inter-signal skew which is output from the two or more THCV2152s placed in parallel is as described above.
As the device that receives these signals, you should select the one which can accommodate 11.298ns or more inter-input signal skew should be selected.

Actually, as the skew which is brought from the circuit preceding THCV215 and the transmission channel following THCV215 should be added as well, the acceptable amount of input skew for the receiving device should be even larger.