The V-by-One® reduces the number of cables. This advanced SerDes interface can save circuit space and power consumption. And then, that achieve lower EMI and data transmission for long distance. The V-by-One® can be adopted in various application. Car Navigation, security camera systems, multi-function printer, and any other video graphics systems.

  • LVCMOS to V-by-One® conversion
  • LVCMOS input
    Video signal 18bits/pixel, Sync signal 3bits
    40M pixel/sec.(Clock freq. 5 to 40MHz)
  • V-by-One® (LVDS) 2ch output
    Distribution mode via 2ch outputs
  • Transmission of just one pair with CDR technique and unique encoding scheme.
  • Transmission of long distance by pre-emphasis.
  • Power Supply:3.3V
  • Package:TQFP48
  • Operating Temperature:
    THCV213-1T 0 to 70℃
    THCV213-5T -40 to 85℃
  • AEC-Q100 ESD Protection
  • Receiver IC THCV214
*'HDMI' is a trademark or registered trademark of HDMI Licensing, LLC.

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