SupportProducts FAQWhere and when should I use Pre-emphasis?

FunctionV-by-One HS・V-by-One
Pre-emphasis should be used when the signal loss in the transmission channel between Transmitter and Receiver is heavy and the signal observed at the end of Receiver is less than the receiving sensitivity required for Receiver.
As the signal amplitude at signal transition increases, the apparent slew rate of the signal waveform increases, resulting in a wider aperture of an eye pattern in the differential signal.

However, using the Pre-emphasis function increases the signal amplitude at the transition point, which leads to the increase of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).
If an equalizer is implemented on the Receiver, waveform can be shaped while avoiding the increase of EMI on the transmission channel.
Hence, use the Pre-emphasis function when no equalizer is implemented on the Receiver or when the signal would not meet the receiving sensitivity of the Receiver even when an equalizer is used.

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