SupportProducts FAQCan I use the THCV Series even if there are no DataEnable and DVALID signals on the system?

UsageV-by-One HS
In some cases, even if there are no signals such as DataEnable (DE) and DVALID, you might be able to use the THCV Series by inputting similar signals such as Hsync (horizontal synchronizing signal), Vsync (vertical synchronizing signal), Line Sync (line synchronization signal, line pulse) to the DE input terminal.

In the THCV Series, the signals to be input to DE input terminal play important roles.

  While DE signal = High: Transmits video signals only. No sync signals (except DE) are transmitted.
  While DE signal = Low: Transmits sync signals (except DE) only. No video signals are transmitted.

If the above-mentioned conditions are not inconvenient to you, sometimes Hsync or LineSync signal can be used in place of DE signal.
Then, if any Vsync exists, make sure that its transition point (Low -> High, High -> Low) falls on the Low period of Hsync and LineSync. If Vsync and other sync signals transit during the High period, the information they contain will not be transmitted immediately to the Receiver; instead it will be sampled and transmitted at the next Low period.

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