SupportProducts FAQWhat types of image/video format are supported?

UsageV-by-One HS・V-by-One・LVDS
Unless otherwise specified for any product implemented with CSC (Color Space Converter) function, no limitation of image/video formats exists.
Some terminals’ names of our products may remind you of ”R,G,B,” but within the ranges of supported bit widths and clock frequencies, any data other than YUV and YCb
Cr can be handled as well.
However, as V-by-One® HS products have some limitations related with synchronous signals, the format (including ITU-R BT.656 Standard) with synchronous signal data embedded in blanking period, etc., may not be transmitted properly. If video data and synchronous signal data through a single signal bus and with multiplexing is to be transmitted, based on DataEnable signal (DE signal) or DVALID signal, etc., sufficient understanding of the limitations based on DE signal on V-by-One® HS products before using the product is advised.