THL3514_Block Diagram


The THL3514 is an LED driver with 24 channel constant current sink outputs. The constant current values for three output groups are determined by external resistors.The embedded oscillator and PWM controller individually generates 256-step brightness set by the dedicated registers for each channel.The serial interface of 2-pair LVDS lines(clock and data) features high-level noise tolerance, high-speed, and long-distance transmission.The LVDS allowing cascaded and multidrop connection offers the maximum flexibility for designers to place and connect LED drivers.The simple and one-way communication protocol is easily-controlled and requires less CPU resources.

  • Constant Current Output: 24 channels
  • Output Sink Current: up to 40mA/ch
  • Output voltage: up to 40V
  • Individual Brightness Control: 256 steps
  • Output disable/enable
  • 2-pair Serial LVDS Input or 3-wire Serial CMOS Input
    up to 10Mbps
  • Bridge Function Converting 3-wire Serial CMOS Input to 2-pair Serial LVDS Output
  • Repeater function of 2-pair Serial LVDS Input / Output with Waveform and Timing Correction
  • Device Address Selection up to 62 addresses
  • General call to all devices
  • UVLO, Short Circuit Protection, Thermal Shutdown
  • Supply Voltage: 3.0 ~ 5.5V
  • Package: QFN 48-pin Exposed Pad

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