THCS253 is a transceiver IC that aggregates 32-bit GPIO and 2-wire serial interface signals and performs full-duplex communication with two pairs of differential signals.
The reference clock for data sampling and SERDES drive can be selected from external REF and internal OSC. The GPIO direction and buffer type can be customized for each pin by internal register access.

  • Up to 32-bit GPIOs
  • Internal oscillator mode requires no external clock signal input
  • Uplink and downlink synchronous mode with one-sided reference clock drive
  • Uplink and downlink asynchronous mode with both side reference clocks driven
  • Output buffer selectable between open-drain and push-pull
  • 2-wire serial interface fast mode can be bridged
  • Standby mode for low-power operation
  • Adaptive equalizer supports high-loss transmission media
  • 8B10B encoding/decoding
  • Digital noise filters can be set for input and output
  • Error detection and notification
  • External reference clock frequency: 9-133.3MHz
  • Built-in spread spectrum clock generator
  • Single power supply operation: 1.7 V - 3.6 V
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40°C to 85℃

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