The THCS251 is a member of the transceiver family of maulti-gigabit transceiver used in ultrahigh-speed bidirectional point-to-point data transmission systems. Selectable Parallel I/O up to 35-bit defines direction of signals and an output buffer type. The sampling clock can be selected either from external reference clock or from internal oscillator (OSC).

  • Support up to 35-bits GPIO
  • Internal oscillator clock mode not required input clock for GPIO sampling
  • Full duplex communication by two pairs of differential signal
  • Selectable output buffer open-drain or push-pull
  • Support up to 8-bits low speed GPIO in low power Standby mode
  • Integrated adaptive equalizer for long or lossy media
  • 8B10B encoding and decoding
  • Configurable digital noise filter
  • Error detection and indication
  • External reference clock frequency: 9-100MHz
  • Spread Spectrum Clock Generator to reduce EMI
  • Operating single power supply voltage: 1.7 V - 3.6 V