News APPRO and THine Collaborates on Offering 4K60fps Camera Module

2021.04.30 Release
TOKYO (April 30, 2021) – THine Electronics, Inc. (“THine”), the global leading semiconductor company focusing on high-speed serial interfaces and image signal processing today announces that the collaboration between Appro Photoelectron Inc. (“APPRO”) and THine has developed the new 4K60fps camera module solution and will offer such value to high resolution and high frame rate camera use cases, especially in medical cameras, automotive cameras, broadcasting sports cameras, and surveillance cameras.
This 4K60fps camera module supports NVIDIA Jetson Xavier/Xavier-NX/TX2-NX/TX2/NANO with THine’s V-by-One® HS products, THCV241A-P and THCV242-P, that enable to transmit 4K60fps image data for long distance.
It is applicable to medical cameras such as endoscopes that are required real-time imaging with higher frame rate during surgery operations, automotive cameras that are required to capture images of distant people and objects with higher frame rate and high-dynamic-range rendering. Also this 4K60fps camera module’s high frame rate solution is applicable to broadcasting sports cameras and surveillance cameras as well.
THine has a wide range of product lineups for varied use cases, including noise-tolerant chipset of THCV241A-P and THCV242A-P, and continuously contributes to broad needs in camera applications with high resolution and high frame rate.


Image of the 4K60fps camera module through collaboration between APPRO and THine

* “V-by-One” is a registered trademark of THine Electronics, Inc.

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