News THine Announces He Hui Electronics Limited Company’s Development of Flexible Flat Cable for THine’s Next-Generation High-Speed Interface Specification, V-by-One® US

2018.11.28 Release
TOKYO (November 28, 2018) – THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, has been collaborating with several partners in development of transmission lines for THine’s next-generation high-speed interface specification for 4K and 8K video images, V-by-One® US, and He Hui Electronics Limited Company*1, one of THine’s partners, has completed development of flexible flat cable that complies with V-by-One® US specification.  He Hui Electronics Limited Company will also start delivery of its flexible flat cable samples that complies with V-by-One® US specification.
THine has established V-by-One® US specification as a next-generation high-speed interface technology that follows THine’s high-speed interface technology V-by-One® HS, which is now used as interface in most of 4K televisions in the world as de facto standard.  V-by-One® US specification defines high-speed transmission rate of 16Gbps per lane at the maximum (16,000,000,000 bits per second), and high-speed transmission as quadruple as V-by-One® HS will be possible according to the specification.  In order to accomplish transmission lines for 8K video images by V-by-One® US while maintaining the number of transmission lines for transmission of 4K video images by V-by-One® HS, THine has been collaborating in development of transmission lines with several harness, connector, and material manufacturers who agree to standardization of V-by-One® US technology.
He Hui Electronics Limited Company delivers its flexible flat cables for LVDS and V-by-One® HS interface.  Now, He Hui Electronics Limited Company has successfully developed its new flexible flat cable, “LHHS-8k” that complies with V-by-One® US specification and also is going to start mass production of “HLLS-8k” in November 2018.
“While THine has start delivering evaluation samples of ASSPs*2 incorporating V-by-One® US technology”, says Yasuhiro Takada, President and CEO of THine Electronics, “THine would like to welcome provision of flexible flat cables that complies with V-by-One® US specification at this timing. Users of V-by-One® US can select the most optimal cables among various transmission lines that complies with V-by-One® US.

As 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are approaching, THine will continue to expand collaboration with harness, connector, and material manufacturers who agree to standardization of V-by-One® US technology, and will propose low-cost 4K and 8K video image transmission systems by V-by-One® US.  THine aims to contribute to customers and innovation of video image market as a leading company of high-speed interface technology.”
*1 He Hui Electronics Limited Company (佛山市順徳区禾恵電子有限公司 in Chinese)
Headquartered in Shun De, Guang Dong, China
CEO: Wu Zhong Qian
He Hui Electronics Limited Company, since 2004 of its foundation, has developed its solution business based on electronic lines, cables, and insulation films and currently expand its business globally in TV, OA, IT, and other electronics segments.

ASSP refers to LSI product with specific functions and purposes for predetermined applications.
About THine Electronics
THine Electronics Incorporated is a fabless Semiconductor manufacturer that provides innovative mixed signal LSI and analog technologies. The technologies provided include V-by-One® HS, LVDS, other high-speed data signaling, ISP, timing controller, analog-to-digital converter, power management, and drivers for LEDs and motors.
THine is headquartered in Tokyo, and has subsidiaries in Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Santa Clara. THine is listed on JASDAQ of Tokyo Stock Exchange under the security code of 6769.  For more information, visit

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