THP7312-P Block Diagram


THine's ISP is an image processing engine for a digital camera. The pipelined image processing engine is possible to high speed processing. Auto Exposure / Auto Focus / Auto White Balance can be done by the special circuit. You can get the best picture quality in each CMOS sensor by using THine's ISP with our original noise reduction and gamma correction.

THP7312-P supports RGB+IR and alternate row HDR sensors. And THP7312-P added De-fog function for advanced applications. Additionally RGB and IR images output simultaneously by MIPI® virtual channel.

  • High-Speed Processing by Hardware
  • High-End Image Processing Engine for High-Resolution
  • 32bit RISC CPU installed
  • Correction for Sensor
  • Adaptive Image Signal Processing
  • Auto Processing
    Auto Exposure
    Auto Focus (Multi point, Continuous)
    Auto white balance
  • MIPI CSI-2 Tx up to 1.2Gbps/lane can transmit uncompressed YUV422 4K@30fps
  • Others
    Face detection by Hardware
    JPEG encoder (included Speed Tags)
    MIPI® Virtual channel
    Triple scaller
    Alternate Row HDR
* “MIPI®” is a registered trademark of MIPI Alliance, Inc.

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