THine Value CDK Training Video - Super easy camera system development, unlike an FPGA coding nightmare

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Much like CMOS image sensors, for which the scope of application is being expanded to include drones, robots, and VR/AR/MR equipment, etc., image signal processors (ISPs), which control CMOS image sensors so as to convert and compensate output image data into images that can be understood by both people and computers, are also seeing their scope of application be drastically expanded.

In direct response to requirements for the downsizing of equipment and due to battery-driven design needs, the wider usage of more-compact, low-power-consumption, special-purpose ISPs is on the rise, marking a clear shift from conventional FPGA-based devices.

On the other hand, the development of firmware that determines behavior and performance of CPU, which function as the “brain” of ISPs, is being conducted by taking full advantage of advanced professional technologies, including optics, mechanics, semiconductors, and control engineering, making development periods a key issue in the market launch of camera systems.

The Camera Development Kit, or “CDK,” that we are now starting to license enables the automatic creation of firmware without coding via simple intuitive operations from a PC screen. Users can expect a drastic reduction in terms of development and image adjustment periods compared to conventional program-based firmware development & verification techniques.