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As one of THine Electronics developments, We develop and sell LSI dealing with relatively higher voltage. For example, Power Management IC, LED Driver IC, Mortor Driver IC. We call them Power LSI.

What is Power LSI?

THine Electronics also develops high power LSI.
Such as, power IC, LED driver and motor driver which uses high power consumption, called power LSI.

Power LSI is LSI which uses high voltage like 12V, 24V or even higher than 60V.
These high voltage products normally use old production process、not leading-edge process.
On the other hand, carbon-dioxide emission became social problem these days, and power consumption gained public attention.
As a result, power LSI is rediscovered by the industry.

What Power LSI is for?

For example, solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity that we might see anywhere these days. Power LSI has very important role in this conversion. 
Electrical energy, which converted from light energy, is direct current energy.
On the other hand, we use alternate current in our homes and businesses for lighting, refrigerator, TV etc.

This means electrical energy converted from light energy cannot be used directly for home electric appliances.Solar doesn't work at night or rainy days. So we need to store solar energy which was generated in the daytime.

As above, we need power LSI for both, to convert or to store energy. We are going to explain about "Power LSI" which gained more attention recent years, with showing some examples. 


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