THine Electronics Video Presentations showing seminar speeches,
demonstrations on products.

Demo NEW

CDK Training Video - Super easy camera system development, unlike an FPGA coding nightmare

Much like CMOS image sensors, for which the scope of application is being expanded to include drones, robots, and VR/AR/MR equipment, etc., image signal processors (ISPs), which control CMOS image sensors so as to convert and compensate output image data into images that can be understood by both people and computers, are also seeing their scope of application be drastically expanded.

THCV231/235/236 WEB Seminar

THCV231/235/236 are suitable for automotive related products and its market.


Demo-3K panel high speed interface for automotive

We are trying to dedicate our V-by-One® HS technology to offer smarter solutions for higher resolution display systems in automotive. This is a demo of automotive 3K (2880x1080) panel using V-by-One® HS.


Demo-THine Products (Motor Driver, LED Driver) Vol.1

Demonstration Kit that has V-by-One®HS, Motor Driver, and LED Driver.


Demo-Slip Ring

We are now able to apply our proprietarily developed image transmission gigabit serial interface technology V-by-One® HS to the surveillance camera market, and achieve robust and low-cost slip ring transmission of HDTV and higher resolution image data within the surveillance camera.