THine Electronics Video Presentations showing seminar speeches,
demonstrations on products.


THCV231/235/236 WEB Seminar

THCV231/235/236 are suitable for automotive related products and its market.

Demo-3K panel high speed interface for automotive

We are trying to dedicate our V-by-One® HS technology to offer smarter solutions for higher resolution display systems in automotive. This is a demo of automotive 3K (2880x1080) panel using V-by-One® HS.


Demo-THine Products (Motor Driver, LED Driver) Vol.1

Demonstration Kit that has V-by-One®HS, Motor Driver, and LED Driver.


Demo-Slip Ring

We are now able to apply our proprietarily developed image transmission gigabit serial interface technology V-by-One® HS to the surveillance camera market, and achieve robust and low-cost slip ring transmission of HDTV and higher resolution image data within the surveillance camera.


V-by-One®HS WEB Seminar

V-by-One®HS has been developed to offer capabilities for Flat Panel markets that are requiring ever-higher frame rates and higher resolutions.