Video ADC

THine Electronics, Inc. is producing video ADCs based on the advanced ADC technology. We are the pioneer of the high-speed video ADCs for high definition video in the flat panel display market. Our products achieve industry-leading performance of analog-to-digital conversion and feature intelligent sync signal processor to enable automatic configuration.

The THC7984 integrates all the functions to digitize analog video signals on a single chip. It is used in such as HDTVs and projectors to support analog component video from HD players and RGB graphics from PCs, etc. 

Linearity is very important for the image quality of Video ADC.

If INL is big...Distortion and color unevenness occured at a gradation part of an image

If DNL is big...Vertical noise occured at a gradation part of an image

The THC7984 integrates all the functions to digitize analog video signals on a single chip.

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ADC introductions for beginner

1.What is ADC?

An ADC, also called AD Converteris a device for conversion of analog signal to digital signal.

ADC converts inputted voltage values to outputs numerical values. 

(ex)  Inputted Voltage  numerical values.(Digital values)
      0V                 →  0 (0000)
      0.5V                →  7 (0111)
      1V                 →  15 (1111)

2.Analog signals and Digital signals

based on digital signal of AV devices

3.Resolution of ADC specifications

The ADC is a ruler of voltage and resolutions is the scale on a ruler.

The required resolution varies from applications or equipment.

Video Signals:8 to 12bits
 Audio Signals :16 to 24bits
 (ex.)Video Signals

4.Conversion rate of ADC specifications

The digital signal is discrete for a direction at time. It need a sampling.


The required rate of conversion varies from applications or equipment.
Video Signal:around 10MHz to 200MHz
Audio Signal : around 10kHz to 200kHz

(ex.)Video Signal
In case of 1080p-FHD 
An analog to digital converts pixel data(2200×1125=247.5Mpixel) of 1 screen while 1/60 sec.
The rate of conversion needed 148.5MHz.

(according to the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem) 
It can be revitalize an original analog signal by sampling at frequency 2 times as analog input signal band. 

5.ADC Specifications for applications

The rate of resolution and conversion needed varies from usages.

Optimized AD conversion method varies from rate of resolution and conversion

6.Analog Video Signal types

Type of Signal Terminal Primary output devices
 Composite Video  RCA connector
  VCR, Video Game Console       
 Y/C signal  S-Video   VCR, Video Game Console     
 Component(YPbPr)  Component 
 D-terminal( D1~D5 ) 
  DVD Player, DVD Recorder
 PC signal(RGB)  PC connector(D-sub)   PCs, Workstation




Product Name Number of Chanels Bit/Pixel Sampling Frequency Package Status
THC7984-17 3ch×2ports 30 10 to 170MSPS LQFP80 MP
TV, Display, Monitor