The THine's transceiver is a high-speed full-duplex communication interface IC with an effective transfer rate of 4.6 Gbps at maximum with flexible cable selection by an unique adaptive equalizer.
User-selectable : I/O direction, output buffer type, and a number of filter stages which integrates numerous signals wired over boards in electronic equipments.
User-defined : a signal clock-synchronized by an external reference clock, an unsynchronous signal by using an internal oscilattor.
Up to two channel, I2C works as I2C bridge and as I/O expander for I2C to parallel.

The transceivers family are designed with technology of V-by-One (R) HS, THine's original standard. V-by-One (R) HS is widly used in various applications - consumer, industrial, and automotive. The transceivers support a pure DC balanced signal and a full duplex communication for uplink and downlink, also easily converted to optical or  wireless interface. It extends cable reach and isolates electical signals.

■ I / O
-I / O with selectable input / output direction
-with 5V tolerant
-selectable Output buffer type (push pull / open drain)
-Selectable number of input / output digital filter steps
-Sampling clock selection
 9-133 MHz for external clock input
 20/40/80 MHz for internal OSC

■High-speed serial I / F
-UP / DOWN Stream full duplex communication
-315 Mbps to 4.67 Gbps variable data rate
-High robustness by 8B10B encoding 
-DC balanced signal for easy to use
-Flexible cable handling with adaptive equalizer 

-I/O expansion by I2C, bridge
-Communication error detection, INT notification
-Initiate wake up from Standby mode by input port monitor
-EMI reduction by integrated SSCG

Type : Transceiver
Product Name : THCS251
I/O type : LVCMOS
Clock Freq. : 133MHz (Ext.REF) / 80MHz (Int.OSC)
Supply Voltage : 1.7~3.6V
Package : QFN64
Operating Temp. : -40~+85Cdeg

Product Name
TV, Display, Monitor
Amusement Equipment
Multifunction Printers
Mobile, Tablet Devices