TCON (Timing Controller)

THF Series, used THine's well proven products core technology, is a integrating all necessary function into 1 chip for TFT LCD panels. It supports varies LCDs driving method for general active-matrix such as varied LCDs panel driving method. This products can use combination with THine's PMIC and LED Drivers.

Waht is Timing controller?
The timing controller, also called TCON and T-CON, is to generate the horizontal and vertical timing panel signals. It also provides panel bias and enable signals.

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InputI/F Product Name OutputI/F Package Supply Voltage Operation Temp.
LVDS THF9802 RSDS/mini-LVDS/eDriCon EPAD LQFP128 1.2-3.3V -40℃~105℃
TV, Display, Monitor
Automotive Applications
Multifunction Printers

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