Motor Driver

The THM35 series is leading-edge Motor drivers that have debuted featuring the harmonization of our proven technologies used in LVDS and power management ICs. By LVDS serial control, you can long-distance transmission while keeping the malfunction in static electricity such as noisy environment.

THM356X series is a motor driver for driving a unipolar stepper motor. Four channel high-voltage and low on-resistance MOSFET are controlled by serial interface.
Serial interface can choose LVDS transmission, providing high noise immunity, high speed, long-distance transmission. A built-in 4-bit shift resister in order to send a signal sensor for detecting the position to the microcomputer . It is possible to significantly reduce the number of parts.
The arrangement of motor driver can be easily, because serial interface correspond the multi-drop connection(*) and the cascade connection.
Simple communication protocol is reduced the processing of the microcomputer.
This product will operate at 5V using a built-in regulator, but by supplying a 3.3V to VIO pin, can be connected directly to the 3.3V system microcomputer.
It is possible that a built-in clamp diode to the driver output, and to reduce the number of parts. It can be performed easily design of the damper circuit.
(*If you wish to multi-drop connections, please contact THine.)

For Amusement device and General use

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Product Name Oparating
Package Control
Data Rate
THM3561 -40 to +85 8V to 45V Max.1.5A Max.45V QFN 48 3-wire Serial
2-pair LVDS
Amusement Equipment
Multifunction Printers