THSB-FMC-03ADC is an analog video signal receiver card conforming to the FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC / LPC) standard.

The card has a 15 pin D-Sub connector, and it is possible to capture analog RGB video signals outputted from PCs, video signal generators, etc, to the FPGA evaluation board and so on.

The card adopts THC7984 produced with proprietary Mixed Signal technology and it can convert the analog video signal to digital. It has the industry's highest conversion speed and accuracy. Therefore, it can convert to digital video signal with extremely few color unevenness and vertical streaks.

The card has an external microcontroller, it automatically determines the input video signal and accurately controls THC7984. Also, the resolution information and the operating status of the card are displayed on the LCD display attached to the card.

We prepare a sample circuit to connect the card to FPGA on the customer's website that can be accessed after registration. Users can launch evaluation environments.


  • Dimension: Length 70 mm x Width 50 mm
  • FMC Vita 57.1 compliant, with FMC / LPC connector
  • Analog video signal input: D-Sub 15 pin connector
  • The card adopted ATMega 328P as a control microcomputer.
    The control program is pre-installed in the microcomputer
    and the implemented control program is free of charge
    publish as sample source.
  • Status indication by liquid crystal display (8 letters x 2 lines)
  • VADJ = 2.5 V or 3.3 V

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