THSB-FMC-02CL is a Camera Link(TM) receiver card conforming to the FPGA mezzanine card standard (FMC / LPC).

There are two SDR (26 pin) connectors on the card, and it corresponds to Camera Link(TM) connection of two bases and Medium configuration. The card can capture high-density / high frame rate video signals outputted from machine vision camera conforming to Camera Link(TM) standard and transmit it to FPGA evaluation board.

The card adopts THC63LVDR84C produced with THine’s original mixed signal technology for channel link connection. With excellent jitter characteristics and input skew characteristics, it makes operation stable even in a long cable. The card also supports Power Over Camera Link (PoCL) connection and supplies 12 V power to the machine vision camera via Camera Link(TM) cable.

We prepare a sample circuit to connect the card to FPGA on the customer's website that can be accessed after registration. Users can launch evaluation environments.


  • Dimensions: Length 70 mm x Width 50 mm
  • FMC Vita 57.1 compliant, with FMC / LPC connector
  • Camera input: 2 x 26 pin SDR connector
  • The card adopts our company THC63LVDR84C as Channel Link Receiver and realizes excellent receiver performance.
  • Compatible with Camera Link(TM) Base / Medium connection
  • Base connection: 8/10/12 bit, input up to 85MHz is possible
  • Medium connection: 8/10/12 bit, input up to 85MHz possible
  • Power can be supplied via Camera Link (TM) cable to compatible cameras with PoCL support
  • VADJ = 3.3V

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