THSB-FMC-01Vx1 is V-by-One(R) HS receiver card comforming to the FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC/LPC) standard.

There are four MMCX connectors on the card. The card can superimpose power and video signals using a coaxial cable. Since the card can capture high resolution / high frame rate video signals simultaneously outputted from 4 cameras equipped with V-by-One(R) HS interface to FPGA evaluation board, it is suitable to use for the applications such as Surround view monitor as well as to develop multi-camera systems.

V-by-One(R) HS receiver adopts THCV236 developed with THine’s original mixed signal technology, and supports video signal input up to HD / 60 fps. The input signal attenuated by a cable can be compensated appropriately by the built-in adaptive equalizer, which makes a system operation stable even in a long cable.

The power supply and signal transmission can be sent in one coaxial cable. The connection with a camera becomes simplified. In the future, we plan to launch a wide-angle camera (under development) easy to connect with this card.

We prepare a sample circuit to connect the card to FPGA on the customer's website that can be accessed after registration. Users can launch evaluation environments.


  • Card Size: Length 70mm x Width 50mm
  • FMC Vita 57.1 compliant, with FMC / LPC connector
  • Input Connector: MMCX x 4 for V-by-One(R) HS video signal input
  • Power supply superposition for HD cameras
  • The built-in adaptive equalizer in THCV236 realizes stable operation when using long-distance cable.
  • Wide angle camera (under development) that can easily realize multi camera system will be released in the future.
  • VADJ=2.5 or 3.3V

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Option Camera (Under Development)


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