THSB-ACC-563 SeriesNEW


THSB-ACC-563 series is a paddle card for Active Copper Cable with USB Micro-B plug mounted. The card adopts THCX222R05 containing an equalizer developed with our proprietary Mixed Signal technology. The card improves cable insertion loss at 5 GHz transmission under USB 3.0 / 3.1 GEN 1 standard up to 11.6dB, so it can be used for data transmission in cables with large insertion loss and small bending cables with high flexibility. The card will improve customer's productivity.


  • PCB Size: 13mm x 26mm
  • Equalization
    16 step setting linear equalizer (CTLE)
    8 steps DC (low frequency) gain

    By using the above setting it is possible to set according to cable length.
  • Output Swing Linear Area Up to 1200 mVp-p

Block Diagram

Product Image

Because this product receives power from the Vbus line, there is a possibility that it may be restricted to use the bus power drive device. Please contact us for details.

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