THV3056 Block Diagram


The THV3056 is a 3ch Boost/Buck Controller IC which enables to design simple and low cost multi-channel power supply system. Ch-1 is fixed Boost, ch-2 and ch-3 are fixed Buck. These channels are PWM controllers. The reference voltage of ch-2 is 0.85V and that enables to form the secondary voltage of 1.2V. VGH pin and VGL pin are selectable Positive/Negative charge pumps and PFM controller. The THV3056 facilitate to design various power supply systems for large scale TFT panels with high voltage LDO and Vcom amplifier. The THV3056 is designed to make phase compensation easy for output ceramic capacitors. SS1,2,3, SS_SW, DTC_VGH, DTC_VGL and SCP pins help to design user defined soft start time, dead time and timer latch delay time. Utilising SEL1 pin, user can select 2 types of sequence control. The THV3056 is suitable for power supply system of TFT LCD bias.

  • Input Voltage range : 4.2V to 15V
  • Push Pull output for direct Power Mos driving
  • Optimized for ceramic output capacitor (for output smoothing)
  • Complete PWM mode controller
  • Positive/Negative charge pumps (selectable PFM mode)
  • Adjustable switching frequency
  • Timing Controller Reset Function
  • Protection Function
    Timer Latch Protection
    System UVLO function
    Adjustable Soft Start time
    Adjustable Timer Latch Delay time
    Adjustable Dead Time Control
  • ch-1 Boost
  • Ch-2, Buck (reference voltage : 0.85V)
  • ch-3 Buck
  • High voltage LDO
  • 3.3V LDO output
  • Vcom amplifier
  • QFN 64pin

Recommended Operation Condition

Parameter Min Typ Max Units
VCC voltage (Input Power Suppy Voltage) 4.2  - 15  V
VREG5, VREG5IN voltage 4.2  - 5.5  V
V_VGH, V_VGL voltage 4.2  - 17  V
VO_1IN, V_VC voltage 5.5  - 17  V
V_LLDO 4.2  - 5.5  V
OUT3 voltage -0.1  - 17  V
OUT_LLDO, TCON_XRST voltage  - 3.3  -  V
OUT_HILD output current  - 10  - mA
OUT_LLDO output current  -  - 300 mA
Oscillation frequency 200  - 1000  KHz


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