THF9802 Block Diagram


The THF9802 is a timing controller for TFT LCD embedded with LVDS 2ch and RSDS/mini-LVDS 2ch/eDriCon 6lane. The THF9802 is supporting the resolutions up to 1920x1280 including WVGA(800x480) or FHD(1920x1080).

  • Input : Dual LVDS receiver
  • Output : eDriCon, mini-LVDS, or RSDS selectable
  • Supports display resolutions up to 1920 x 1280 resolution
  • Built-in gamma correction function
  • Built-in contrast function
  • Built-in brightness function
  • Built-in FRC (dithering) function
  • Supports On-chip SSCG (Spread Spectrum Clock Generator) Function
  • Embedded Aging Pattern Generator
  • Embedded OSC (Typ : 50MHz)
  • 128-pin LQFP Package with exposed PAD

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