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THine has technological core competencies in the FPD (Flat Panel Display) markets in particular, we offer a variety lineup of the LSI products that are required for the displays used in high-definition LCD televisions, LCD monitors, and personal notebook computers.

V-by-One® HS (SerDes)

V-by-One® HS has been developed to support the higher resolutions required by advancing FPD technology.

V-by-One® (SerDes)

V-by-One® solves the skew problems, EMI emission and space of PCBs of a system by CDR technology.


Supported by multi I/O configuration, THCS series handles various type of data and control signals. Users can select either external refarence clock or internal oscilater according to a board or system configuration. Integrated equalizer and CDR enhances long reach communication and gives flexibility on selecting cables.

Repeater (Redriver/Retimer)NEW

Repeater IC to improve signal quality and enable flexible signal wiring

LVDS (SerDes)

THine's LVDS is still holding a high share in the market and used by many customers in various applications.

LED Driver

Leading-edge LED drivers have debuted featuring the harmonization of our proven technologies used in LVDS and power management ICs.

Motor Driver

LVDS Interface Motor Driver

ISP (Image Signal Processor)

THine' ISP, high-permanence and high-quality signal processing engine, is suited to security cameras, mobile phones or other devices.

TCON (Timing Controller)

THF Series for General Purpose TCON

Video ADC

The THC7984 integrates all the functions to digitize analog video signals on a single chip.

PMIC (Power IC)

Power Management IC for LCD TVs, TFT LCD panels.

Power Module

THV8XXXX series is the small package power module which realized the ultra-high-speed transient response and high efficiency for stability behavior of LSI(FPGA, ASIC, ASSP).