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  • Japanese automaker adopts THine’s full-HD TCON, dedicated for its infotainment

Japanese automaker adopts THine’s full-HD TCON, dedicated for its infotainment


-Supporting higher resolution of full HD or more, reducing cables by 80% and more-

TOKYO (August 21, 2015) -- THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, today announced a leading Japanese automaker adopts THine’s full-HD timing controller (TCON), dedicated for its infotainment system and has got started to be sold in the automotive markets.

The full-HD TCON is THine’s dedicated solution for the Japanese automaker’s infotainment systems that require high quality levels such as wide range temperature assurance and also can be used for industrial usages.

Technical trends of in-vehicle infotainment LCD panels are driving higher resolution such as full-HD with 1920x1080 pixels from the usual 800x480 of WVGA. THine, maximizing its accumulated TCON technologies fitting to the trend with higher resolution, has launched new products for automotive markets.
THine’s new technologies include its innovative high-speed LCD driver interface, eDriCon®, for customers seeking full-HD solution, applying THine’s know-how in high-speed serial interface technology.
eDriCon® can reduce the number of cables one seventh of generally required cables. For example, general full-HD applications with eDriCon® can transmit pixel data only with 4-pair cables while those with usual interfaces require 28 pairs. The high-speed performance of eDriCon® can reduce the system costs and required space for data transmissions inside of equipments. THine has achieved eDriCon® technology with transmitting embedded clock data on pixel data lines.

THine, starting from this Japanese automaker’s adoption, plans to offer various dedicated solutions for automotive infotainment customers by delivering THine’s value of higher resolution, higher speed, less cables, and greater cost-effectiveness with its TCON, high-speed interface, image signal processors.
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