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THine releases V-by-One®HS products for Asian automotive markets


TOKYO (June 21, 2013) -- THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, today announced its V-by-One®HS products are selected by Chinese drive recorder makers and THine has started mass production for them, following to the adoption by Korean drive recorder makers.

According to increasing requirement in high-definition or HD camera modules for automotive drive recorder markets, THine has supplying its high-speed interface technology, V-by-One®HS to its customers. While V-by-One®HS can reduce the number of cables for data transmissions, it enables to transmit and receive the high definition images. Such features can reduce the drive recorder makers’ costs significantly.

In Korean markets, THine Electronics Korea, Inc. has promoted V-by-One®HS products for drive recorder markets, supporting the valuable customers technically, and currently the share of V-by-One®HS among the Korean HD drive recorder markets is estimated more than 90%. Through such facts of penetration in automotive drive recorder markets, China customers has also selected THine’s V-by-One®HS for their products in mass production.

Since the drive recorder markets is expected to grow worldwide as well as in Korea and China, THine plans to expand its business and supports for global customers actively. THine can maintain its high quality level and support the customers’ quality requirements adequately, using its statistic quality control system, QuEST, with sharing the goal of quality requirements among foundries and sub-contractors.

In addition to delivering the value with V-by-One®HS, THine is expanding its sales with THine’s valuable product line-ups and technical supports based on accumulated intellectual properties and know-how in Asian markets, including Chinese markets.
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