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THine announces its QuEST system that enhances its statistic quality control


TOKYO (June 5, 2013) -- THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, today announced its QuEST system that enhances its statistic quality control and has already used the system in real operation for automotive markets and industrial markets.

The statistic quality control software system, QuEST, that stands for “Quality Enhancement with Statistic Tool,” is developed by THine, based-on its accumulated quality management methods and know-hows as a fabless LSI maker. THine has already utilized QuEST for more than two years for the product quality control of its products for such markets as consumer electronics, multi-functional printers, and amusement. During such period, THine has made its functional revisions, improvement, and finally completed even for the quality control tool for automotive and industrial markets.

QuEST enables THine to receive the work-in-process data and quality information, through the on line network, from foundries and subcontracted manufacturers and to evaluate them based on its control plan, determined with foundries and subcontracted manufactures. QuEST allows THine detailed statistic analysis by daily-, weekly-, and monthly-basis and can deliver such reports to all responsible members of its organization. THine can analyze the quality distribution, the frequency distribution, and regression of the quality data through QuEST. Thus, by using QuEST, THine understands and utilizes its basic statistical concepts of quality control, such as variation, stability control, and process capability.

THine, accumulating the statistic variation data of manufacturing process, uses statistical process control to build reliable quality during both the design and manufacturing phases. For the design phase, THine uses robust design methods that make it less likely for variations during manufacturing to affect the product, including variations in transistor characteristics. In addition, THine can select optimized test processes with satisfying its targeted quality level. Such utilization of quality data in designing and development results in maintaining sufficient process margin to deliver significant value in quality stably for customers.

During the manufacturing phase, THine has also utilized QuEST to communicate with foundries and subcontracted manufacturer closely and frequently in order to make its direction for stable manufacturing with excellent quality conformity. In case of an abnormal work-in-process, QuEST helps THine to identify the causes and to make its prompt feedbacks to foundries and subcontracted manufacturers for adjusting the process control swiftly. THine can manage the quality and costs of our products by sharing the correlation between process parameter and product yield with manufacturing fabrications. These communication contributes the long-term relationship between THine and manufacturing partners.

THine plans to enhance its business portfolios, including automotive business and industrial business. To achieve such business portfolios, QuEST contributes to enhance THine’s organizational capabilities to deliver the worldwide customers its products continuously with stably controlled quality.

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